Building friendships with yarn, accessories, classes and groups.

Knit Ewe Together was built with friendship in mind. We may all do different crafts at different levels, but together we can encourage each other to be stronger. Come on in to get your "squish on" with the perfect fiber for your next project, get help with a pattern, or just come in for someone to sit and craft with. We carry a beautiful selection of locally grown and produced yarns as well as an assortment of fibers from Berroco and Plymouth. Knit Ewe Together believes in supporting small businesses in our community, so we carry many handmade gifts from local crafts people. We are a yarn store and so much more! Welcome!

Featured products

Mindful Mosaic Blanket - Crochet

Crocheting is a practice that requires a lot of focus, intention, and mindfulness, which is why so many turn to it as a form of relaxation. We’ve combined these ideas with this emotion-tracking blanket.

Mindful Mosaic Blanket - Knit

We know how beneficial the rhythmic and repetitive motions of knitting can be for mental health, so we’ve combined these ideas with the Mindful Mosaic Blanket.